The main sights of Cairo: what to see in the capital of Egypt

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View of Cairo
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Cairo, capital of Egypt, is one of the largest urban agglomerations in the world. It often becomes the subject of travelers’ research interested in the history of the ancient world. The reason of this phenomenon is simple – the Pyramid of Cheops. It is the unique survived object of Seven Wonders of the World. But tourists are attracted not only by the grand monuments of the power of the pharaohs. In the capital of Egypt there is also something to see. In Cairo you will find hundreds of beautiful mosques. The city has the largest in the region archaeological museum and several educational expositions. Researchers of antiquities will like Egyptian capital.

Cairo Egyptian Museum

The world’s largest collection of objects belonging to the era of ancient Egypt was presented to the public in 1858. After 50 years the collection was moved to a new building on Tahrir Square and today the museum has about 160 thousand exhibits dating from all the historical periods of ancient Egypt. In the Museum of Cairo you can see papyruses and coins from different eras, mummies and stone sarcophagi, sculptural images of the pharaohs and their wives. The most famous exhibits of the collection are the golden mask of Tutankhamen, the mummies of the priests of Amon and some kings, objects from the tombs of Thutmose III, Ramses I and Amenhotep III. Saqqara bird is the strangest exhibits of the museum. The figure made from the tree of sycamore, according to some scientists, is a model of an ancient aircraft.

Pyramids of Giza

In the south-west of Cairo on the desert plateau of Giza is located the only attraction of the ancient world that has survived to this day. The pyramids of Giza are most often the cause of a trip to Cairo for people who are interested in the mysteries of history. Scientists think the construction of the pyramids belongs to the Old Kingdom and believe that they were built in XXVI-XXIII BC. The pyramid of Khufu that most know as the pyramid of Cheops today is shocking us with its size. The height of the colossus is almost 140 meters and the base side is about 230 meters. According to calculations its weight is at least 4 million tons. The pyramid of Khafre is the only one that has preserved part of the stone facing on top. The smallest of the three, Menkaure’s pyramid reaches 66 meters in height. The Great Sphinx on the eastern side of the complex is considered the oldest monumental sculpture on the planet. Its height reaches 70 meters, although it is obvious that part of the monument is covered with sand. The complex of Giza also includes several smaller pyramids for the queens. They are called the pyramids of the valley.

Of course, this article describes only the main sights of Cairo. In addition to them, there are also others attractions, such as the Mosque of Muhammad Ali. We will tell about them in the next article.

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