Socotra Island, the Unique Island of Yemen

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socotra island yemen
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Socotra Island, an area of about 3796 square kilometers, is located in the country of Yemen. This island that has a population of around 42 thousand has its own uniqueness compared to other islands. Because of its uniqueness, now, Socotra becomes tourist destination. In addition to enjoying the natural beauty, here you can also see biodiversity. In July 2008, this island is recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage site.

Socotra Island is an island of happiness; it is based on its name in Sanskrit name ‘sukhadhara dvipa’. Historically, Socotra island residents have embraced Christianity since 52 AD. It is said that they have also been practicing ancient magic rituals. In 1507, the Portuguese fleet landed on the island to stop the Arab trade from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean as well as abolish the rules of Islam in the trade. However, the Portuguese invasion did not go smoothly because the locals against them. In 1511, the island was ruled by the Mahra Sultanate. Well, 456 years later, on November 30, 1967, the Socotra Island became part of the Republic of Yemen.

Flora and Fauna of Socotra Island

Socotra Island has the endemic flora that exists only on the island of Socotra, such as Dorstenia giant plants, Dendrosicyos, Punica Protopunica, Socotra pomegranate trees that are rare. It also has the Dragon’s Blood Tree, the icon of this island. It is a giant umbrella-shaped tree that has lush leaves on top and can grow up to 12 meters that issued a red sap like blood used as a cure of diseases by people around.

Socotra Island also has endemic fauna, such as the Socotra Nectarinia and  Socotra Sparrow. Bats are the only mammal native island of Socotra. This island also has an endemic species of coral reefs.

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