Socotra Island, the Unique Island of Yemen

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socotra island trees

Socotra Island, an area of about 3796 square kilometers, is located in the country of Yemen. This island that has a population of around 42 thousand has its own uniqueness compared to other islands. Because of its uniqueness, now, Socotra becomes tourist destination. In addition to enjoying the natural beauty, here you can also see biodiversity. In July 2008, this island is recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage site. Socotra Island is an island of happiness; it is based on its name in Sanskrit name ‘sukhadhara dvipa’. Historically, […]

Germany’s Cinderella Castle: the Neuschwanstein Castle

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the cinderella castle in germany

So, have you heard people recommend you to go to Cinderella Castle in Germany? Surely, its name itself draws your attention at your first hearing it, right? This castle is one of the greatest castles in Europe and actually goes with the name “Neuschwanstein Castle”. Sometimes, people call it Cinderella Castle of Germany because Neuschwanstein is the inspiration for Cinderella’s castle in Walt Disney World. Let’s know more about it before you go travel there to witness it yourself. The Background of Neuschwanstein Castle Cinderella’s castle does resemble this so-called […]

Burg Rheinstein: a German Castle with Medieval Style

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innen burg rheinstein germany

Germany has some notable castles to visit. Burg Rheinstein is one of the German Castles. It is located nearby Trechtingshausten town, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. This castle has medieval type which was firstly built in approximately 1316 to 1317. Prince Frederick of Prussia bought this castle during the romantic period in the 19th century. Soon as it was built, Rheinstein Castle was rebuilt. The owners were the royal family and feudal lords including Mathias the Archbishop of Mainz as the first owner in 1323 and Princess Barbara of Prussia, the Duchess of […]